Banyan Tree

This banyan tree is in Crescent Lake park in St. Petersburg, FL. I walk my dog by there almost every day. The city put up a fence around the tree about a year ago to prevent people from destroying it. The tree is beautiful. I was thinking about painting or drawing it for long time. […]

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There was this huge double rainbow on a sky after storm and rain on August 20th 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I live. It was really bright and beautiful, from ground to ground. Oil on canvas board 5″x7″. Original sold. Buy prints here.

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The Tree

This tree was done in very nice family house in Staten Island, NY. It’s two floors tall and it was impossible to take on one photo the whole tree. My customers asked me to paint it in very watery colors, very soft, transparent. They loved it :-)

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