Oyster And Pink Glass

Painted from life. I ate the oyster about two years ago. My first and also my last. Don’t like the taste at all, but I kept the shell, I liked the shape of it. The little piece of pink glass is from my friends wedding. It was part of the table decoration. Took it for […]

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Pink Feather

I have found this pretty feather on the beach of Honeymoon Island, Florida the same day as a seahorse from my painting Beach Treasures ♥ I have no idea what kind of bird lost it. Oil on canvas board, 6″x6″. Original $180, available. Buy original & prints: (shipping within continental US included. Contact me via […]

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Beach Treasures

I have found all these little cute objects on the beach of Clearwater and Honeymoon Island, Florida. I specially love the seahorse ♥ Oil on canvas board, 6″x6″. Original sold. Buy prints: (shipping within continental US included. Contact me via email at if you would like to buy multiple items or for international shipping). […]

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Pickled Okra

My boyfriend got few jars of pickled vegetable. One of them was this jar of okra. I thought it was really neat, so I painted it as my not so common still life. Done in oils on board 6″x6″. The original is no longer available. Buy print here.

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Oil painting 6″x8″. Original sold. Available also as a PRINT, in different sizes and finishes. Buy PRINT HERE :-)

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