Birthday Girl

This painting was created for a winner of March Madnezz fundraiser auction that was run in Ninja Protection Agency group on Facebook. This group helps raise money for helping bull terriers in needs. My dog is a bull terrier that I got from a rescue and I try this way to help other dogs and […]

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The Thinker

To create this piece, I used photo of my Ozzi when he was about eight years old. I loved how he could sit, funny and silly, seemed like deeply thinking about endlessness of the universe. It has been two years since he passed away but I still miss him a lot and was crying when […]

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Duke #2

Another drawing of my Duke. It’s done in graphite on paper, size 6″x7″. Original sold. 50% of sale profit went to bull terrier rescue. Donation made to Bull Terrier Rescue of Florida.

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Duke #1

My very first drawing of my Duke since I rescued him in September 2011. 50% will go to bull terrier rescue. The beautiful frame is included in the price. Price $80 plus S&H $10 within US. Contact me at for international shipping.

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Rescue Me #5

This guy is beautiful majestic giant. I meet him often with his mom in a park where I walk my Duke. His name is Atticus, he is Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog. His mom rescued him few years ago, he is about 6 years old now. I asked his mom if I can […]

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Rescue Me #4

Hi, this painting was made from photo of saved English Bull Terrier by Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue that has been contacted to help with taking in six bull terriers from a backyard breeder in upper SC. This is one of the six saved bullies, 5 y/o female. Check if she is still available for adoption at […]

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Rescue Me #3

Hi, this is Max, English Bull Terrier. He is one of the bull terriers rescued by Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue. You can also find them on Facebook here. He got adopted to his forever home and I hope he is living happy life. Buy this painting and help doggies in Rescue! ♥ When this painting sells, I […]

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Rescue Me #1

I recently got a dog from a kill shelter. He is English bull terrier and he is very sweet, his name is Duke. I’m fostering him for now but thinking of adopting him. I would like to help other dogs in shelters as well so I started series of “Rescue Me” drawings and paintings. 50% […]

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Help Me To Help Them ♥

My dear dog Ozzi has passed away in the end of May, just few days before my birthday. Some of you may know, if you are my friend or fan on Facebook. I’m very sad, I miss him so much! He was with me for over 10 years, my best friend! Always with me. It’s […]

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