Abar is white Golden Retriever. He is very happy dog, he smiles on all photos I received as a reference, so it was really fun to paint him. He lives with his Mom in Czech Republic. Oil on canvas 16″x19″. More info about commissioned pet portraits here.

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This is one gentle soft soul. Yes, I mean the cow is like that. I was told that Bessie is the most common name for cows, was suggested that it’s kind of boring, but I don’t care, I like this name, I don’t find it boring and it fits her. Gold Bessie cow :-) It […]

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Little Piglet

In the beginning of December 2012 I went to a local farmers market. There was a guy that got two little cute piglets in a large cage. They were so adorable! Of course, he did not forget to mention that they will be sold and eaten. I too few photos of them and painted this […]

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Duke #2

Another drawing of my Duke. It’s done in graphite on paper, size 6″x7″. Original sold. 50% of sale profit went to bull terrier rescue. Donation made to Bull Terrier Rescue of Florida.

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Pet Urn for Maxie

How sad it is when our dog or cat, we love so much, leaves us to go to Rainbow Bridge? I was dealing with it in spring of 2011 and till now I still did not find the strength to paint my own beloved dog. But I can paint others. This one pet urn was […]

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Roo & Taz

Roo and Taz were Australian Shepherds. Both beautiful, sadly both went to Rainbow Bridge. Roo was female, Taz male. They were rescues, and very good friends. Painted with oils on 8″x10″ canvas. Check my other commissioned pet portraits. Contact me at if interested in painting for you.

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Rescue Me #5

This guy is beautiful majestic giant. I meet him often with his mom in a park where I walk my Duke. His name is Atticus, he is Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog. His mom rescued him few years ago, he is about 6 years old now. I asked his mom if I can […]

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Couple of beautiful white west highland terriers. Oil on canvas, 8″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints HERE. Thank you!

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Rescue Me #2

I recently got a dog from a kill shelter. He is English bull terrier and he is very sweet, his name is Duke. I’m fostering him for now but thinking of adopting him. I would like to help other dogs in shelters as well so I started series of “Rescue Me” drawings and paintings. 50% […]

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German Shepherd

Oil painting 8″x10″ on stretched canvas. Original sold.  Buy prints here.

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Beautiful white cat. Oil on canvas 10″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints here.

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Another English Bull Terrier painting! I love them! :-) Done in oil on 8″x10″ on canvas. The original is sold. Buy prints: (shipping within continental US included. Contact me via email at if you would like to buy multiple items or for international shipping). Thank you! All these prints are hand signed, titled and […]

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Baltazar was a beautiful golden retriever, my best friend’s dog. He passed away in September 2011. I painted his portrait for my friend’s birthday. He is painted with less grey hair then in his last days when the photo was taken. My friend misses him dearly. R.I.P. Baltazar ♥ I accept pet portrait commissions. Check […]

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