On Fire

Oil on wooden board, 5.75″ x 12″. The original is at this time participating at Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Buy prints here. Many thanks to T.J. for letting me use her stock for reference.

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Mini Desserts

I had my friend visiting me for few days and she brought me these mini desserts back from my country, the Czech Republic. They were so yummy! I ate two “models” right after finishing the painting. Oil on hard board, 4″x4″. Original sold. Buy prints here.

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Emmanuel is loosely translated as “God is with us”. Painted with oils on hard board, size 5 7/8″ x 5 7/8″. Original sold. Buy archival prints: Prints Archival paper 6″x6″ $20.00 USDArchival paper 10″x10″ $28.00 USDArchival paper 12″x12″ $42.00 USDGiclee canvas 6″x6″ $58.00 USDGiclee canvas 10″x10″ $80.00 USDGiclee canvas 20″x20″ $170.00 USD Click here for […]

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First painting of one of my friends. Oil on canvas board, 8″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints: Original & Prints Print archival paper 8″x10″ $28.00 USDPrint archival paper 11″x14″ $44.00 USDPrint giclee canvas 16″x20″ $155.00 USD Click here for other print sizes.

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Little Piglet

In the beginning of December 2012 I went to a local farmers market. There was a guy that got two little cute piglets in a large cage. They were so adorable! Of course, he did not forget to mention that they will be sold and eaten. I too few photos of them and painted this […]

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Copper Ore

I brought a new element into my painting. The background is done with genuine copper leaf. Painted with oils. Size 9″x9″. Original $350, available.

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Sunset Road

Painted from a photograph by my friend taken on his way from work. Oil on canvas panel 5″x7″. Original sold. Prints available here.

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Duke #2

Another drawing of my Duke. It’s done in graphite on paper, size 6″x7″. Original sold. 50% of sale profit went to bull terrier rescue. Donation made to Bull Terrier Rescue of Florida.

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Corset Curves

Oil on canvas board 8″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints: Original & Prints Print archival paper 8″x10″ $28.00 USDPrint archival paper 11″x14″ $44.00 USDPrint giclee canvas 16″x20″ $155.00 USD

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I love English bull terriers! The original is done in oil on 8″x10″ on canvas. Original sold, prints available here. I accept commissions for pet portraits. Contact me at noewisart@gmail with your inquiry. More info here and photos here.

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Portrait of Klarka

This little sweet girl is a daughter of my Czech friend. Klarka is Czech name. She is about 2.5 years old in this portrait. She is very nice child, very cute with her blue eyes and curly blond hair like an angel :-) It’s me with Klarka in the second photo. Her hair is already […]

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Love Doves

I always liked these patterns with the swirls and botanical design that look antique. I designed and sketched this one all myself from “scratch”, from the very first idea to the final painting. It’s very different from all my other canvas paintings but very close to some types of murals. Done in acrylics on canvas, […]

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Portrait of Michaela

Michaela was my roommate in New York City :-) I painted this portrait for her husband as a birthday present for her. They like to go fishing and this painting captures her with the salmon she caught. Done in oil 11″x14″ on canvas board. Info about commissioned portraits here.

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