Mr. Ignore was painted on coarse canvas as I call it, others might call it burlap. The original was created for Nude Nite art show in Tampa 2014 and was sold there. Size was about 50″x54″.

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Birthday Girl

This painting was created for a winner of March Madnezz fundraiser auction that was run in Ninja Protection Agency group on Facebook. This group helps raise money for helping bull terriers in needs. My dog is a bull terrier that I got from a rescue and I try this way to help other dogs and […]

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Nude Nite Orlando 2014

For the first time I submitted my pieces for this art show in Orlando, FL. I was very pleased to find out on Saturday, when I come to attend the show, that I sold one of my pieces. As every year before in Tampa, it was also very crowded and so many great inspiring pieces. […]

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Banyan Tree

This banyan tree is in Crescent Lake park in St. Petersburg, FL. I walk my dog by there almost every day. The city put up a fence around the tree about a year ago to prevent people from destroying it. The tree is beautiful. I was thinking about painting or drawing it for long time. […]

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Abar is white Golden Retriever. He is very happy dog, he smiles on all photos I received as a reference, so it was really fun to paint him. He lives with his Mom in Czech Republic. Oil on canvas 16″x19″. More info about commissioned pet portraits here.

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On Fire

Oil on wooden board, 5.75″ x 12″. The original is at this time participating at Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Buy prints here. Many thanks to T.J. for letting me use her stock for reference.

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The Thinker

To create this piece, I used photo of my Ozzi when he was about eight years old. I loved how he could sit, funny and silly, seemed like deeply thinking about endlessness of the universe. It has been two years since he passed away but I still miss him a lot and was crying when […]

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I like to paint cows. My friend even says that I should paint cows only. Hmmm, should I became a cow specialist? :-) Daisy is painted in oils & gold leaf on hard board, it’s 5.75″ x 5.75″ small. Original sold. Purchase prints here.

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Have Mercy

This piece was part of a Nude Nite art show in Tampa 2013. It’s oil & gold leaf on canvas, size 22″ x 32″.Original sold.

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Gold Dipper

This piece was part of a Nude Nite art show in Tampa 2013. It’s oil & gold leaf on canvas, size 22″ x 32″. Original sold.

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Racy Lacy

Oil on canvas board, 8″x10″. Original sold.  Buy prints here.

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Nude Nite 2013

Nude Nite is dazzling art event celebrating the beauty of the nude.  This is what they say on their website. It’s perfectly said, I would never say it better way. I have never participated in the Orlando show, only in Tampa, but I want to change it next year and create pieces or both shows. […]

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This is one gentle soft soul. Yes, I mean the cow is like that. I was told that Bessie is the most common name for cows, was suggested that it’s kind of boring, but I don’t care, I like this name, I don’t find it boring and it fits her. Gold Bessie cow :-) It […]

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