Sunset Road

Painted from a photograph by my friend taken on his way from work. Oil on canvas panel 5″x7″. Original sold. Prints available here.

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Sunset Shore

Evening in St. Petersburg on shore overlooking Tampa Bay, Florida. Oil painting 5″x7″ on canvas board. The original is sold. Buy high quality prints on paper or canvas or framed prints here.

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There was this huge double rainbow on a sky after storm and rain on August 20th 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I live. It was really bright and beautiful, from ground to ground. Oil on canvas board 5″x7″. Original sold. Buy prints here.

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Mural for Dream Factory

This mural was done for my friend Chris Krimitsos and his Dream Factory in September 2008. The Dream Factory moved just after few months into different location and Chris was very sad he can’t take the mural with him. He commissioned me for very large painting then for his new office. Chris was very kind […]

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Seascape with the Bird Of Paradise flowers. Nice peaceful view with a sand path to the beach :-) Oil painting 24″x36″, original sold.

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Landscape of Sumava

Once I needed help from my friend and in exchange I offered to paint him a painting. He agreed but he wanted me to paint something that reminds me my country. I grew up in South Bohemia in Czech Republic. On our border with Austria and Germany there is a land with a mountains called […]

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