Portrait of Kristinka in progress

Here you can see the way I created this portrait:

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Portrait of Kristinka

Kristinka is daughter of my good friend Eva. Eva took a beautiful photo of her that I then used as a reference for the painting. She is professional photographer. Check her website here. Kristinka’s portrait is 9″x12″, oil on a linen board. This was the very first time I ever used linen instead of cotton […]

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Portrait of Klarka

This little sweet girl is a daughter of my Czech friend. Klarka is Czech name. She is about 2.5 years old in this portrait. She is very nice child, very cute with her blue eyes and curly blond hair like an angel :-) It’s me with Klarka in the second photo. Her hair is already […]

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Portrait of young lady and her puppy

I got commissioned to paint this portrait by a guy for his girlfriend as a birthday present. It’s her holding their cute puppy. Wishing them everlasting love ♥ Oil on canvas 8″x10″. Info about commissioned portraits here. I used these two reference photos to paint her with her beautiful smile :-)

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… the necktie is a necktie of Harvard University… so she is getting kinky with somebody well educated :-) I entered this painting for Erotic Art Competition. Wish me luck! It’s an oil painting on stretched canvas, size 16″x20″. Buy high quality prints here.

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Little Girl With Green Eyes

When I was painting her, I did not try to paint a portrait. I just wanted to paint a beautiful face of cute little girl. Even like that she still looks pretty much like herself :-) Oil painting 8″ x 10″ on canvas board. Info about commissioned portraits here.

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