Tuscany Colors In A Den

This faux finish was done in a den in a new house in Venice, Florida. The colors are very warm and soft. The room looks very cozy and welcoming.

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The “dirty look” of Lucky Dill Deli restaurant

This one is newly built in Palm Harbor, FL. Lucky Dill Deli is decorated in New York style and my customer’s task for me was to create “dirty” look. Dirty over metal scaffolding like color. I used silvers, greys and black. This part of restaurant, where I created the faux finish, is called Brooklyn. Yeah, […]

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Wood Grain

Originally white entrance doors got wood grain faux finish from both sides. The customers were really happy how it turned out. Private house in Indian Rock Beach, Florida.

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Faux Finish in family room

Wash-off faux finish in family room.

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Bellagio Faux Finish

This faux finish was done with premixed Bellagio faux finish from Home depot. Couple of photos of the bathroom “before”:

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Mirror frame

It’s matching now the black/bronze faucet. The frame was originally light blue-silver color.

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Walk About in Dunedin

This is my most favorite mural. It was done in Walk About Coffee Shop in Dunedin, Florida, USA. The theme was Australian cave with aboriginal painting. It’s not there anymore, the shop lasted one year only. The colors on the photo are much brighter then it was in person. There was just dim light in […]

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Faux in Kitchen

This faux finish was done in a house in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Picasso Guernica

This is my very first mural. It’s two floors large. Done for my friend Michael in his new house in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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Design above a painting

I painted just the design above the painting. I did not paint the portraits ;-)

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The Fountain and Faux

There is faux finish done on the kitchen island and the “thing” above it – I have no idea how to call it – and on the columns in hallway. The fountain mural is done in faded tone. The kitchen before faux finish:

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Pizzeria Mural

Faux finish and mural done in Villa Maria Pizza restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.

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Walk About in Tarpon Springs

Outdoor and indoor murals in Walk About Coffee Shop in Tarpon Springs. I previously painted mural in Walk About in Dunedin. Both places were open just for about a year…

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