Green Stripes

Done for my customer in Palm Harbor, Florida. The stripes are not there anymore, my customer likes to change the colors of the walls very often :-) She keeps me busy!

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The Tree

This tree was done in very nice family house in Staten Island, NY. It’s two floors tall and it was impossible to take on one photo the whole tree. My customers asked me to paint it in very watery colors, very soft, transparent. They loved it :-)

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Portrait in Black & White

This portrait was done for my customer Teresa. Teresa is also artist. She makes custom sterling silver jewelry. Click HERE to see her work ;-) Teresa, thank you for your business! Oil on canvas board 16″ x 20″. Info about commissioned portraits here.

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Giuseppe’s Portrait

This painting was done for a customer from New York City. His name is Giuseppe and he is Spinone Italiano Grandissimo.  Very cute one. I got several photos of him and then I and my customer picked the one which I used for his portrait. The photo was over-saturated, so I used another one for […]

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My Very First Ceiling Mural

This was not just my very first CEILING mural but my very first mural painted period… for my very first customer! My own design ;-) The larger one was created first.

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This mural was painted for a family who visited Africa and were totally in love with all the animals there. Placed into a bathroom of their two little sons.

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Ceiling Mural with Gold Accent

Created together with my art/mural friend Gary for his customer by his design, in beautiful house in Snell Isle, St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Ohhh…. Diamonds :-)

Diamonds are forever…. and sometimes it takes forever to paint them on the wall. This diamonds were my first cooperation with my art/mural friend Gary. One of the walls was round, there was time deadline and very very small bathroom… and disorganized Gary…  But the result was great and customer happy! :-)

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Ceiling mural

This mural was done in Dunedin, Florida USA. Created together with my friend Gary, who is also mural artist, for his customer. October 2009

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My Google Map

I was thinking about creating map of places where I sold my ART to for long time. First I had to find some website providing maps where I can place marks. Based on research I have chosen Google.  It took me few hours to place all the marks… it’s now about five years of selling […]

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