Mirror frame

It’s matching now the black/bronze faucet. The frame was originally light blue-silver color.

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Blue Shimmers

I had very happy time when painting the original. This is my vision of the energy floating around us. The blue color does not mean “blue mood”, not at all! It’s deeply peaceful energy, but energizing in the same time. It’s oil painting on stretched canvas, 36″x36″. Original $1600, available. Buy original & prints: (shipping […]

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Walk About in Dunedin

This is my most favorite mural. It was done in Walk About Coffee Shop in Dunedin, Florida, USA. The theme was Australian cave with aboriginal painting. It’s not there anymore, the shop lasted one year only. The colors on the photo are much brighter then it was in person. There was just dim light in […]

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Faux in Kitchen

This faux finish was done in a house in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Picasso Guernica

This is my very first mural. It’s two floors large. Done for my friend Michael in his new house in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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Matt Geiger

Matt Geiger in his real live size. This mural was done for family living in his neighborhood. I met him in person before I even knew I will paint him month later. Oh, he is very tall!

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Design above a painting

I painted just the design above the painting. I did not paint the portraits ;-)

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The Fountain and Faux

There is faux finish done on the kitchen island and the “thing” above it – I have no idea how to call it – and on the columns in hallway. The fountain mural is done in faded tone. The kitchen before faux finish:

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Three Horses

Done from image in children book of Indian stories, in a house in Trinity, Florida. The photo was taken against a mirror. T the bathroom was really narrow to take the photo without me being in the view, so I hope you like my camouflage work clothes :-)

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Pizzeria Mural

Faux finish and mural done in Villa Maria Pizza restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.

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Walk About in Tarpon Springs

Outdoor and indoor murals in Walk About Coffee Shop in Tarpon Springs. I previously painted mural in Walk About in Dunedin. Both places were open just for about a year…

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Metal Stripes

There are gold & bronze & beige color stripes. Difficult to take good photo because the metal stripes shine. Done in dining area, kitchen and a hallway in a house in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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Leopard Print

Done in a bathroom.

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