Restoring and making new look old…

I was hired by my art friend to help him on this job. We were restoring some old painting on wooden ceilings, creating stencil on new ceiling making it look like old one and other cool stuff. The house is located in Snell Isle, St. Petersburg, Florida. We were working there in 2007. This is […]

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My Very First Ceiling Mural

This was not just my very first CEILING mural but my very first mural painted period… for my very first customer! My own design ;-) The larger one was created first.

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Ceiling Mural with Gold Accent

Created together with my art/mural friend Gary for his customer by his design, in beautiful house in Snell Isle, St. Petersburg, Florida.

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The Compas

Another ceiling mural done for my customer Char.

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Ceiling mural

This mural was done in Dunedin, Florida USA. Created together with my friend Gary, who is also mural artist, for his customer. October 2009

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