The Flesh Of My Art

I was getting comments from my friends all the time, that I should paint myself. Specifically the part I’m sitting on… So after a lot of thinking I decided to go for it. I hope you like the result! :-) Oil on canvas 8″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints: (shipping within continental US included. Contact me […]

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Cutie Patootie

I did not come up with this name. It was one of my fan’s idea! I often ask my fan on Facebook to suggest a name for new painting. Oil on board 8″x10″. Original sold. Buy prints here.

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On The Floor

Oil on canvas 8″x16″, framed. Original sold. Buy prints: (shipping within continental US included. Contact me via email at if you would like to buy multiple items or for international shipping). Thank you! 8″ x 16″ Print Print archival paper 8″x16″ $42.00 USD Other sizes and giclee prints on canvas or framed prints here. […]

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Butts are girls best friends! :-) Oil on canvas 16″x20″ Click here to see the painting in progress before finishing it. Original sold. Buy high quality prints here.

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In Progress – “Exposed”

I’ve just started sketching new painting. It’s 16″x20″ large, oil on canvas. The corset is going to be my favorite color red, the ribbon probably white for the contrast… not sure yet. I’m thinking of calling it Exposed. Will be available for sale. Update 04-12-11: I’m not too happy with the flash color. Will work […]

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Redhead District

This is one hot redhead! :-) Oil painting 8″x10″ on canvas. Buy prints here.

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… the necktie is a necktie of Harvard University… so she is getting kinky with somebody well educated :-) I entered this painting for Erotic Art Competition. Wish me luck! It’s an oil painting on stretched canvas, size 16″x20″. Buy high quality prints here.

08.9.10 | Comments 1

Sweet Pink

Sometimes I like to ask my friends and fans and customers on Facebook about suggestion for new painting. This time I asked about the color for her panties. Dark pink won!!! I hope you like it ;-) Oil painting on canvas, size 10″x10″. Original is sold, buy print here.

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Spank Me!

Another kinky painting to tickle your brain :-) Oil painting on canvas 10″x10″. This pretty butt cheeks can be yours! The original is already sold but you can get a print HERE.

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No Secrets

I could not find some good name for this painting so I asked my friends, fans and customers for suggestion. Rainer Scheer who organizes great Chillounge Night parties suggested “No Secret” and I like it a lot! :-) This is oil painting on anvas, size 10″x10″. The original is sold. Buy print HERE.

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