Portrait of ZOIE

This little cutie is Zoie, Jack Russell Terrier. She is about 9 years old, loves to play with her toys and loves her owners Judy and Rich. Her portrait is done in oils on canvas board, size 8″x10″. Info about commissioned pet portraits here. Prints of Zoie painting available here.

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The Kiss

This is an ACEO oil painting. Original sold. Buy prints, including greeting card, here.

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Lovers In Eternal Kiss

Oil painting 24″x36″. The original is sold. Prints of all sizes, including greeting cards, available here. I got an email from a guy name David, that really loves this painting. David writes poems and he sent me one that goes so beautifully with my painting: Anatomy of a Kiss Like bobbing for apples Lips bump […]

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Make A Wish

They met and they liked each other… … they had second date and he kissed her… … they danced together… … they walked on the beach together… … they sat on the bench and their shooting star lightened the starry night… … they made a wish… This is real story. What is your love story? […]

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Blue Angel

Spiritual Blue Angel. Acrylic painting on masonite board, 6″x6″. Price: $90 Shipping within US included. Please contact me about shipping rates if you leave outside of US before buying this painting.

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The Avatar movie

I saw the Avatar movie in 3D today. What a great movie for artist to watch! All the people involved in creating it did amazing job! It’s true piece of art! Fascinating flowers and plants, animals, the aliens… neverending beauty of the nature and all living forms… I have dreams every night when I sleep. […]

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He is HOT indeed. This is large oil painting, 30″ x 40″ on gallery wrapped canvas. Buy high quality archival PRINTS HERE Original sold. I created this painting together with “Cold” to represent myself at art show Nude Nite Tampa 2009, where was also taken this photo.

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