Posted on: 09.26.10

… because I’m really tired of finding my images on internet in somebody’s blog without asking me for permission. I don’t bite, I would give the permission, but of course I would ask about more info of that blog or the article. And of course I would want to have my name mentioned plus link into my blog or website.
Actually some of them mentioned my name…. hurrraaayyyy!!!!

I don’t like placing the watermark over my images. It’s also time consuming. Few minutes on each photo… I could use these minutes for better pleasure.

Here are the ones I found now, did not do any deeper search:

my Cadillac painting
my Lovers in an asian blog
my Male nude in  this blog – actually I’m pretty happy they gave me a credit for the painting
my mural with mermaids
here they are offering my art that got sold in 2009
my another painting here
my shoe painting here
another legs and shoes here
my Sleeping beauty in here – they were also nice and mentioned my name

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