The Avatar movie

Posted on: 12.27.09

I saw the Avatar movie in 3D today. What a great movie for artist to watch! All the people involved in creating it did amazing job! It’s true piece of art!
Fascinating flowers and plants, animals, the aliens… neverending beauty of the nature and all living forms…

I have dreams every night when I sleep. I just wish to have “Avatar” dreams! To run, hike and jump high, to fly wildly on colorful dragon-like creatures without fear of falling… I still can fly in my dreams, not often but I do fly ;-)
At least it made me want to create some surreal fantasy painting.Very inspiring movie!

Avatar is not just heart-touching story but above all message to the conscience of our society. If you did not see it yet, you must go. No, you must run into movie theater because no TV brings you such an experience like the huge screen in a theater ;-)

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  1. A comment from: adam

    Yes, I agree AVATAR is true work of art and great inspiration not only for an artist but for everyone. Movie is mix-up of everything it is smart, stupid, scary, funny, sci-fi and real. AVATAR will entertain your brain and challenge your mind with hidden visual and verbal messages from start to finish.
    I Love it ….

  2. A comment from: Moses

    I agree with you AVATAR WAS VERY GOOD MOVIE BUT THE STORY LINE WAS VERY SIMILAR TO Ferngully the cartoon from 1992. But other than that its was very very good Movie mean of life and it never ends .

    truth is forever

  3. A comment from: adam

    IMAX ASAP !!!

  4. A comment from: Calvin Rojero

    Yes it’s an awesome movie only until the last 15mins or so where it was a complete letdown! There’s definitely got to be a better ending than that! – Come on you just got to end it right! But yeah at least I give it a 7/10.. :D If you want, watch it at FreeMoviesCafe. c o m