Lovers In Eternal Kiss

Posted on: 05.23.10

Oil painting 24″x36″.

The original is sold. Prints of all sizes, including greeting cards, available here.

Lovers in eternal kiss

I got an email from a guy name David, that really loves this painting. David writes poems and he sent me one that goes so beautifully with my painting:

Anatomy of a Kiss

Like bobbing for apples

Lips bump and brush lips,

Mouths slightly open spilling the sound

welling up from passions touching

Fingers exploring, chests rising

drawing in short breaths deep and hard.

Her mouth is pomegranite and clementine

tart, tangy, and sweet

meeting his of smoke and peppermint.

The glass between prisoners disappears

and they’re within each other’s walls

Vulnerable and yet safe and yet dangerously

close to the kind of intimacy that can lead to

Broken hearts. Epiphany.

The tears of old souls fall in knowing embrace.

Understanding. Respect.

The preservation of what they already share

outweighs the risk of losing it over

indulgence in forbidden fruit,

Beautiful as her garden and his seed may be.

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