Banyan Tree

Posted on: 05.27.13

This banyan tree is in Crescent Lake park in St. Petersburg, FL. I walk my dog by there almost every day. The city put up a fence around the tree about a year ago to prevent people from destroying it.
The tree is beautiful. I was thinking about painting or drawing it for long time. So I finally decided to do so on Saturday May 25th in late afternoon when it’s not too hot outside anymore. My friend went to sketch with me too, but he did not sketch the banyan tree.  I realized that the last time I sketched a tree plein air I was just 14 years old. It’s pretty long time ago.

I hope you like my banyan tree as much as I do.

The drawing is done in dark sepia chalk lead, size 14″x17″ on smooth Bristol paper.
Original $110, available.



banyan tree

I was searching for some info about the tree online.
I found this video showing the labyrinth of roots and branches. You wouldn’t be able to get video now as the tree is fenced on as I mentioned before.
Banyan Tree at Crescent Lake park

You can read more about the whole neighborhood and Crescent Lake HERE.

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