Landscape of Sumava

Posted on: 01.17.10

Once I needed help from my friend and in exchange I offered to paint him a painting. He agreed but he wanted me to paint something that reminds me my country. I grew up in South Bohemia in Czech Republic. On our border with Austria and Germany there is a land with a mountains called Sumava.  It has beautiful nature with a lot of forests and little villages. Great place for vacation if you like to hike – in summer, or to ski – in the winter.
You still can see quite often these stone or metal crosses by little roads or even in a middle of meadow. These crosses had their meaning long time ago. They were placed on crossroads, in the flatland as a hold, or they were as a monument of remarkable event.
Click HERE to read more about Sumava ;-)

The original painting was done in oil on canvas board 5″x7″.


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