Rescue Me #2

Posted on: 10.21.11

I recently got a dog from a kill shelter. He is English bull terrier and he is very sweet, his name is Duke. I’m fostering him for now but thinking of adopting him.

I would like to help other dogs in shelters as well so I started series of “Rescue Me” drawings and paintings.

50% of the profit will go to rescue organization of the buyer choice.

Thank you for helping!

Size: 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ on masonite board
professional grade oil paint
Signed in lover right corner and signed & titled & dated on the back.

Varnished with a clear satin finish varnish. This protect the painting, gives it a nice shine and deepens the colors.


Update 02-13-2012:
The original painting got sold yesterday. My customer wished to donate the 50% of sale to Southside SPCA. You can find them here:
Thank you for your purchase!!!! ♥

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