Restoring and making new look old…

Posted on: 10.17.11

I was hired by my art friend to help him on this job. We were restoring some old painting on wooden ceilings, creating stencil on new ceiling making it look like old one and other cool stuff.

The house is located in Snell Isle, St. Petersburg, Florida.
We were working there in 2007.

This is new wooden ceiling, we made the aged look. I created the stencils to match the ones used in the same time period when the house was built.


These two following photos show restored old paintings. The goal was to restore them without looking new. The whole wooden ceiling was then aged. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos after that step.



Another example of restored painting in different part of the house.



The real column is made of stone. The faux is craved from wood. I painted the faux on it. Please note that the real column is pretty dusty, there was a lot of other work going on.



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