In memory of my dear Ozzi

Posted on: 06.5.11

I got Ozzi in December 2000 as a Christmas present. I did not wish for a dog and did not want a dog but at the very first second I saw him I was in love with him. He was so cute with his wrinkled nose and spots on his eyes. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of him when he was that little. I did not have digital camera that time and was not just so much into taking pictures like I’m now.
He went through a lot with me. I moved then from Prague, Czech Republic to USA in 2003, of course with him. My international dog! :-)
We lived together in Florida, then in NYC and then back in Florida.
Even it was not always easy to find a place to rent with him, because he was an English Bull Terrier, the “fighting” breed, we always made it.

He had skin allergies since he was little and never got quite rid of them. I guess he was about 1/3 of his life time on pills. In September 2010 he got sick and when I took him to the vet, he found out that Ozzi’s kidneys are deteriorating. I put him on home made kidney diet immediately. I cooked for him and he was doing good for a while. Sadly, he started loosing weight later on, was getting sick more and more often, lost his appetite and on May 27th 2011 I had to put him asleep.

We had a lot of happy days together and I will never forget him. I miss him so much! ♥


With my friend Baltazar. Oh yeah, he wants to eat me!

Ozzi (1)

Ozzi (2)

My Mom’s birthday :-)

Ozzi (3)

Young and strong, about 3 years old.

Ozzi (4)

I ♥ Honeymoon Island dog beach!

Ozzi (5)

I had to wear this funny annoying thing… they said I was chewing on myself too much…

Ozzi (6)

I found some very interesting animal hidden under the stairs in our backyard. We played hard! No, I did not kill it… my Mom was mad at me and she said it was probably a possum. She took this picture after she washed and disinfected my face. It was bloody hell before…

Ozzi (7)

Ozzi (8)

Chilling with my aunt Katka. She bought me for my Mom as a Christmas present looong time ago.

Ozzi (9)

I was helping my Mom to paint. She loves red… but not on my ear :-)

Ozzi (10)

So happy!!!!!

Ozzi (11)

The couch is mine! :-)

Ozzi (12)

Smiling at myself in that shiny tile :-)))

Ozzi (13)

I got new teddy bear! I love him to the pieces :-P

Ozzi (14)


Ozzi (15)

Looking for the best spot of mud to roll in :-)))

Ozzi (16)

With my new friend Choper

Ozzi (17)

A lot of love ♥

Ozzi (18)

Ozzi (19)

Hmmmm fresh water!

Ozzi (20)

Mom, I’m your best Christmas present!

Ozzi (21)

My last time at the dog beach. I did not know then, I was pretty happy.

Ozzi (22)

Tired… sleeping…

Ozzi (23)

My very last photo of my very last day of my life.

Ozzi (24)

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