In Progress – “Exposed”

Posted on: 04.6.11

I’ve just started sketching new painting. It’s 16″x20″ large, oil on canvas.
The corset is going to be my favorite color red, the ribbon probably white for the contrast… not sure yet.

I’m thinking of calling it Exposed. Will be available for sale.

Update 04-12-11: I’m not too happy with the flash color. Will work on it more. I will maybe also change the background color but will leave it after I fix the shin tones.

Update 04-15-11:  Finished! :-)


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  1. A comment from: Gun Safe Reviews

    I love the them on this site. Is it available for download anywhere? Thanks!

  2. A comment from: Noewi

    the theme name is FolioPhoto and it’s available here:
    They have tons of really good themes. Good luck :-)

  3. A comment from: Exposed - Noewisart

    […] here to see the painting in progress before finishing […]