Cow And Heifer

Small oil painting on hard board, 6″x6″. Sold.

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Four Friends

Four cows on meadow. I painted this in 2007 and can’t remember the size of the painting anymore.

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Nursing Cow

Small oil painting on canvas board, 5″x7″. Sold.

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Cow With A Calf

Little oil painting 5″x7″. Original is sold.

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Orange Cat

This is my friend’s cat. His name is Harold. Very cool name for a cool cat :-) Oil on linen canvas, 9″x12″. Original $300, available. Original & Prints Original $300.00 USDPrint archival paper 8″x10″ $28.00 USDPrint archival paper 11″x14″ $44.00 USDPrint giclee canvas 16″x20″ $155.00 USD

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Two Cats

Commissioned painting of two cats that are not such a great friends in real life as it looks like on the painting. Their names are Pretty Kitty (in the back) and Chubby Huggs. The rumor has it that Pretty Kitty is the alpha female :-) Oil on canvas 10″x10″.

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Golden Goddess

From time to time I like to paint an abstract painting. I love the flow of blue in this one. Oil painting 20″x24″. Original sold.

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Portrait of my friend and great artist Ron Francis. Check out his artwork on his website! Oil on canvas 23″x26″.

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Sunset Road

Painted from a photograph by my friend taken on his way from work. Oil on canvas panel 5″x7″. Original sold. Prints available here.

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Standard Poodle

This handsome guy is a standard poodle. It’s a commissioned painting, done in oil on canvas. Size 16″x16″.

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