Hard Body

Oil painting 8″x10″. The original is sold. Prints, including greeting cards, available here.

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The Kiss

This is an ACEO oil painting. Original sold. Buy prints, including greeting card, here.

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Lovers In Eternal Kiss

Oil painting 24″x36″. The original is sold. Prints of all sizes, including greeting cards, available here. I got an email from a guy name David, that really loves this painting. David writes poems and he sent me one that goes so beautifully with my painting: Anatomy of a Kiss Like bobbing for apples Lips bump […]

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Make A Wish

They met and they liked each other… … they had second date and he kissed her… … they danced together… … they walked on the beach together… … they sat on the bench and their shooting star lightened the starry night… … they made a wish… This is real story. What is your love story? […]

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